A Lesson on Paying it Forward

22 Jun

They say that when you move, it is a breath of fresh air (and a great idea) to get rid of all your junk. So in preparation for our big move, we held a garage sale today to lighten our load and get money for stuff that hasn’t seen the light of day in years. Starting new is going to feel very good.

Mike had an acoustic guitar that wasn’t expensive, but wasn’t really cheap. He had it labelled for 15 dollars. It needed about 10 dollars worth of work and he felt it would be an item that would go fast.

A young boy and his mother stopped by the sale, she was clearly looking for items for the home or for herself. He picked up the guitar, and just gazed at it, ignoring its imperfections. You could tell he hadn’t held many before, if any at all.

“How much for the guitar?”, he said to Mike.

“It’s 15 dollars, but you really seem to like it…I can give it to you for 10. How does that sound?”

“Oh, really?”, he said, surprised by Mike’s offer.

He walked up to his mom, asked her if he could get it, and without looking over she said “No”.

Walking back slowly, guitar in hand, he says “I can’t get it…my mom won’t let me”.

Mike looked at me, and I knew what he wanted to do. I couldn’t help but smile which showed my approval.

“How about you just get it off my hands?”

The boy looked shocked. “What?”

“Yeah! It just needs a little work…about 10 dollars worth. You just need some new strings and a new tuning peg”, Mike said.

The young boy was pretty confused at what those things were and Mike tried to point it out. he wanted him to write them down, we just told him to take it to a shop and they would do everything he needed.

The boy then left with his mom, sat in the car and just stared at his new newfound hobby.

I just want to remind everyone to pay it forward, whether it means giving a kid his first guitar, or just waving at a stranger. Putting more love into the world will get you more love in return. I guarantee it.

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