The Madison Show catches The Keys…AGAIN!

18 May

If you have read here, here, or here…you know The Black Keys are one of my favorite bands. There are 2 bands that I often repeat on this blog (hey, it’s my blog) and those 2 bands are The Black Keys and Queens of the Stone Age. I got to see the The Keys at First Ave, Roy Wilkins, and most recently The Target Center. I swear…every time I see these guys they perform in an exponentially bigger venue.

The opening act, for any of you who didn’t catch the nearly sold-out show, was The Arctic Monkeys..whom I’ve already confessed my love for in a previous post. AND in this post I admitted that I wasn’t sure who I was more excited to see, and the jury is still out because this band rocked the roof off.

This is the BEST opener I have ever seen. They are so tight, so energetic, and as Alex Turner called some of their songs ‘fuzzy as fuck’. I own all of their albums and was surprised to hear some of the older stuff when I was only expecting to hear from their latest. Their set list went something like this (credit StarTribune):

Brianstorm / This House Is a Circus / Still Take You Home / Library Pictures/ Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair / The View From the Afternoon / I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor / Pretty Visitors / Do Me a Favour / Teddy Picker / Crying Lightning / That’s Where You’re Wrong / Fluorescent Adolescent / Evil Twin / Brick by Brick / R U Mine?

They exploded onto the stage with a light show that could’ve made anybody seize (seriously, I had to close my eyes at times). They ride off of each others energy, like any good band does. It was also awesome to see a frontman who really knew how to banter with the crowd. He made the guys cheer and the girls swoon – one of the first true rockers of our generation. Thank you Arctic Monkeys for putting on such an awesome show that made it hard to stay still. And if you are wondering…they sound exactly the same live as they do on their albums.

Now onto the main event…

Since this is the 3rd time I’ve seen these guys, I know how it is- not a lot of talk, but a lot of rock. Dan quickly thanked the crowd and proceeded to announce that they were “gonna get it started now”, and that lit the fuze of the fuzzy, raw and riff driven sound that is Dan and Pat.

The music was amazing, per usual, but what was seemed different was Dan’s vocal tone and range. He has really excelled as a singer and it showed in hits like “Ten Cent Pistol” and “Everlasting Light”. His falsetto has really improved and the control he has over his voice is really impressive and didn’t go unnoticed by fans who have watched this band develop over the years.

Another addition that didn’t go unnoticed was the awesome stage set-up and great effects. This is a (mostly) 2-man band and you can’t really picture them with a crazy set-up. However, the person who designed their set was a genius and made the crowd feel like they were just back performing at First Ave. again –  even if it was The Target Center.

An awesome camera system was set up around both Dan and Pat that showed a live video feed as if you were right there on stage.

Another cool addition was the top screen that had a camera set up from Dan’s point of view that really rounded out the set and made it not just 2 guys but a whole entire production. Very well done. (Video below)



Those who caught their last show at the Roy Wilkins were happy to see the giant disco ball and the light bulb “The Black Keys” sign make a comeback.

All in all, an exciting rock-fest that left the crowd wanting more and more. They’ve already hit the biggest venue in the Twin Cities, and I’m excited to see what they bring when they come back for their next gig. Setlist below (credit to StarTribune):

Howlin’ for You / Next Girl / Run Right Back / Same Old Thing / Dead and Gone / Gold on the Ceiling / Thickfreakness (this one and next three songs played as a duo) / Girl Is On My Mind / I’ll Be Your Man / Your Touch / Little Black Submarines / Money Maker / Strange Times / Nova Baby / Ten Cent Pistol / Tighten Up / Lonely Boy ENCORE: Everlasting Light / She’s Long Gone / I Got Mine

Music news aside…two more exciting things in my own life.

1. I graduated from college.

2. I’m moving to Nashville in a month and a half. Excited, but not surprised because I called it on my very first post of this blog.

I have a feeling I will be posting a lot more when I make the move to Music City.

Until next time,


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