Summer Staples Vol. 3

10 Jun

What I remember of my Rage Against the Machine concert was feeling crazy, and excited. The concert I went to was special. It was the protest against the Republican National Convention taking place just across the river in St. Paul in 2008. The environment was wild; police cars, police on horses, guns, barriers…I saw it all. Rage came out in orange jumpsuits and black sacks over their heads. They opened up with “Bombtrack” and ended with my favorite, “Killing in the Name”. How Brad Wilk was able to play drums, I’m not sure. The floor was half empty, and when the lights went down, a sea of people jumped over the wall to score a closer standing spot to the band. I just stood and watched in amazement-the sea of people moved in waves, Zack bouncing around the stage with endless energy-and I couldn’t take my eyes of Morello who is one of the best guitar players I have ever seen in person.

Most people who like rock or rap music know who Rage are and what they stand for. But for those of you who haven’t dove into their genre, I recommend their 1992 self-titled Rage Against the Machine.


This album was a hell of a debut for the times. Although I had just turned 4 at the time of it’s release, it is a classic I have now gone back to in my early 20′s. (The majority of the albums I listen to were made in the 90′s and early 2000′s)

This album reminds me of my freshman year of college, when I first started getting into Rage. It didn’t leave my car CD player for months and I have resorted back to it to reminisce about those times when I was young (and kind of stupid?). My ultimate recommendation would have to be “Killing in the Name”, mostly because you will find yourself rocking right along with it. However, “Wake Up” and the super powerful “Bullet in the Head” are also top recommendations of mine.

We all have a little bit of rage inside of us. So go ahead, put on this album, kick back and rock out.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone.


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