Keep it Hid

4 Jun

So many people I know love The Black Keys. (Yeah, this is going to be another Black Keys post, but I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to post about their side projects.)


But what they don’t know about is that their side projects are equally as awesome. Dan Auerbach ventured on a solo project back in 2009 with the back up of Hacienda, a band the pair met at an Austin City Limits Show. They became Dan Auerbach and The Fast Five. Months later Keep it Hid was born. According to a Rolling Stone article from May of 2010, Keep it Hid was a secret from bandmate Patrick Carney. Apparently a secret that almost tore the band apart after Pat found out. Luckily they made amends and along came Brothers.

Keep it Hid was an album I was iffy about at first. I loved the sound, but needed to warm up to the fact it was a solo pursuit. Dan’s vocals and guitar really shine through and are the main highlight of the album; with ranges from soft buttery vocal tones, to his yelling growl-like sound. The album also has a lot of mixture between slow jams and quicker paced rock and roll.


After some fact-checking and a helpful contact, I have found that the previous information isn’t completely accurate. Hacienda was hired to learn the songs on Keep it Hid and to tour as supporting musicians. The album was born from a collection of recordings between 2006 and 2009. Ah the things you learn as a blogger. If you would like more (interesting) information, please see the comment beneath this post.

Check out “Heartbroken in Disrepair” below:

**A Side note, I really like this video! Notice it’s filmed with 1 continuous shot….

NOW for part 2

For those of us who have a soft spot for hip hop, The Black Keys have given us Blackroc. This album is a collaboration of The Black Keys and several rappers who come together to create what seems to be the perfect mix of rock and rap.

Blackroc is yet another side project released in 2009 that features Mos Def, Wu Tang Clan , and even recordings of deceased rapper Ol’ Dirty Bastard.

This album is one I resort to when I’m just relaxing with friends and we feel like chilling in it’s finest form.

and my favorite song from the album…

Hope you all enjoy what this sunny Saturday has to offer! Have a great weekend.



3 Responses to “Keep it Hid”

  1. Bob Cesare May 20, 2012 at 6:27 pm #

    Concerning “Keep It Hid”, the band “Hacienda” had nothing to do with the creation of that album. “Keep It Hid” was a cumulative collection of recordings made while I, Bob Cesare, was helping Dan Auerbach come up with a working home studio(2006-2009). Some of the those test recordings that Dan and I made together ended up as an album. Hacienda was only hired to learn the songs on that CD and perform as supporting musicians, to Dan and myself, for the CD’s tour. The band name, “The Fast Five” wasn’t thought of until our first and only band rehearsal moments before our performance on Late Night with Conan O’Brien. The name was derived from the front of the Farfisa organ that we were using.
    Bob Cesare


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